About Us

All Trades Accelerator is the worlds leading coaching and training program designed for serious
trades business owners worldwide looking to:

Start their own successful
trade business in their local area.

Grow their existing trade
business in their local area.

We provide trades business owners with clearer direction through world-class, real-world, proven, and tested trade business success education, knowledge, and skills so they can easily start, grow and accelerate their trade business in their local area whilst become more productive and efficient. We focus on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference. No fluff, just proven methods and strategies.

Trade and service companies who have used the All Trades Accelerator business model and systems have gone on to build profitable high 6 figure and 7 figure l businesses and succeed in their local areas.


Alexi Elias is the founder and lead trainer at All Trades Accelerator.

He has dedicated his entire professional life to helping tradie and service business owners, start, grow and accelerate their businesses.

Tradie/service business owners often greatly lack vital real world, results orientated, practical, proven, and tested business education, skills, and know-how, to succeed in today’s market.

The tradie industry is often clouded with misconceptions, noise, chaos, and fallacy often resulting in unnecessary struggle and frustration for many business owners.

Since 2006, Alexi has worked with and reverse engineered over 1000 trade businesses worldwide and was able to take an inside look and discover the secrets, systems, and strategies successful trade business owners use to set themselves apart from the competition to easily succeed in their local areas.

All Trades Accelerator was developed for trades business owners because real-world  business education, skills, and knowledge is currently the missing link to fixing unnecessary 12 hour days, missed family time, struggle, and frustration




Our student’s success
is our success

Simplicity is more.
Focus on the 20% that makes
80% of the impact

Reason from 1st

Question everything
and hold nothing sacred
in pursuit of truth

Move fast and take
massive action

Long term

Lean and Frugal
(Constraints breed

Excruciatingly high

Think and act like

Be ALL IN or Go

Accelerate your business

Over 1000+ trades businesses Impacted.

Will you be next?

We provide the support, business tools, and direction trades business owners need to reach their business goals whilst becoming more productive and efficient.